20 July

Our UPDATED website, www.jacobsonflare.com launched – 20 July 2017

It gives me the greatest of pleasure to announce the launch of the UPDATED www.jacobsonflare.com website, late…

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19 July

A Blast from the Past! – 19 July 2017

This message was received recently on LinkedIn, from Captain Geoff Appleton, a former protege at…

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28 November

Is 2017 the year we (finally) revise conventional landing technique? – 28 November 2016

  “But we’ve always done it this way”. Here’s why this excuse is wearing thin…

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01 August

“We’ve always done it this way!” Part 2 – 1 August 2016

  In part 1 of ‘We’ve always done it this way, (7 June 2016), I…

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07 June

“We’ve always done it this way!” Part 1 – 7 June 2016

We don’t start aero engines as we did, back in 1918. In fact EVERYTHING in…

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02 February

Retired Qantas captain calls for rethink on landing technique – posted 2 February 2016

On 7 October  2015, on the same occasion as presenting the prestigious Australian Flying Magazine…

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08 October

David Jacobson presented with FRAeS diploma in Melbourne – 7 October 2015

On 23 June 2015, David was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society…

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25 September

‘The Melbourne Branch of RAeS re-examines this advance in aeronautics’ – 25 September 2015

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19 September

“You really made me feel like a colleague in aviation.” – Dave Kramer -17 September 2015

Hi Capt Dave, I purchased and reviewed your (Jacobson Flare) app in August. It is…

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01 August

New Podcast on the Finer Points: ‘What if the World was Round?’ – The Jacobson Flare – 31 July 2015

    On 1 Aug 2015, at 06:37, Jason Miller <jason@thefinerpoints.net> wrote: Hi David, Thanks…

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23 June

“… I now look forward to many, many kisses in the future!!” – Mike McFarlane – 23 June 2015

  “A week or so ago (14 June 2015) at a Cirrus Melbourne seminar,  I…

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20 June

App Store (Australia) Review – “The App itself is world-class …” – Reviewer Andrew 16 June 2015

Finally! Real Answers and No Mumbo-Jumbo about Flaring an Airplane – 5 Stars (Again)! by…

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18 June

Find out how the Jacobson Flare and other Oomph clients have published digital content -18 June 2015

        Using the Oomph platform, Jacobson Flare produced an interactive App that…

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17 June

WINGMATE and The JACOBSON FLARE Announce Joint Collaboration – 16 June 2015

            WINGMATE is best described as a ‘black box’ –…

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12 June

‘ … filled with confidence, thank you for this – Martijn Koenders – 10 June 2015

Dear Mr. Jacobson, I hope you are well. Just a quick note to let you…

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12 June

Jacobson Flare Presentation at Avia/Cirrus Melbourne, Moorabbin Airport – this Sunday 14 June 2015

Come and visit Avia Aircraft’s Cirrus Melbourne Open day at Moorabbin Airport, this coming Sunday,…

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09 June

“…the instruction I received on how to land has been very ad hoc …” – Dmitry Dakhnovsky – 9 June 2015

I am a happy customer of your iPad app and first off would like to…

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22 May

Are you having ‘fun’ with your landings? – David Jacobson – 22 May 2015

Hi, Are you having ‘fun’ with your landings? None of your landing issues are new…

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22 April

The Jacobson Flare – Supporting Sponsor for The Australian Flying Magazine-RAeS Wings Awards – 22 April 2015

We are proud to announce that the Jacobson Flare is a Supporting Sponsor of the…

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20 April

Jamie Durrant’s brilliant new media copy. Look for it from the May-June edition of Australian Flying Magazine! – 20 April 2015

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27 March

‘New pilots, pilots transitioning from one type of airplane to another, and those of us with experience ‘on type’ will all benefit from this.’ Tom Turner – American Bonanza Society ASF- 26 March 2015

If you have trouble visualizing your aim point or the timing and execution of your…

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17 March

‘The points you have made are valid and the industry is well overdue for such a breath of fresh air!’ Bob Tait – 16 March 2015

From: Bob Tait [mailto:bobtait@bobtait.com.au] Sent: Monday, 16 March 2015 4:05 PM To: jacobsonflare@bigpond.com Subject: The…

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06 March

The Jacobson Flare Mentioned in ‘The Australian’ – Aviation Section – Friday 6 March 2015

In his article, ‘The big ideas fly from airshow’s innovators and award winners’, in today’s…

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25 February

AvPlan EFB Wins Avalon 2015 Industry Innovation Award – Aerospace Australia Ltd – 24 Feb 2015

  Congratulations Bevan Anderson and the team at AvPlan on this great achievement.   It…

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22 February

Avalon 2015 – An Invitation to our Supporters: Come and Talk to the Man with Flare – 24-28 Feb 2015

If you are coming to the Avalon 2015 Airshow, I am attending as an industry…

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14 February

“…there are a lot of pilots out there who might find landing a lot easier than current (conventional) teaching permits it to be.” – Australian Flying Magazine – 11 February 2015

The long-established and popular aviation journal, Australian Flying, has published their third article on the…

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06 February

App Store (USA) Review – “… this App is one of the best tools any pilot could have in their flight bag. I highly recommend it.” – MacFlyer1 – 6 February 2015

Ask any student pilot, or experienced pilot what the most difficult phase of their pilot…

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03 February

A News Update from The Jacobson Flare – 3 February 2015

Hi everyone. After just six months from the launch of the Jacobson Flare App for…

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03 February

Post on Facebook JF – “The Jacobson Flare App is One of those Aids That Makes Life Easier.” – Marc Santacroce – 3 February 2015

  So, once again in my flying life (started in 1965), I am faced with…

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30 January

Australian International Airshow 2015 – Innovation Awards: Shortlist Announced – and We Are On It! – 30 January 2015

We are excited and most appreciative in being shortlisted for the forthcoming Australian International Airshow…

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17 December

The Effect of Synthetic Vision Enhancements on Landing Flare Performance – L. Le Ngoc, C. Borst, M. Mulder, and M. M. van Paassen – Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Delft, The Netherlands – August 2010

The usage of heads-down, non-conformal synthetic vision displays for landings below minimums has inherent problems…

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16 December

Be ‘Appy with That! – Sport Pilot Magazine – No 39 October 2014

RA Australia’s long-established quality journal, Sport Pilot, has published its second article on the Jacobson…

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09 December

“…rewards good flying with a repeatable, gentle touchdown.” – AOPA’s Australian Pilot Magazine – 9 December 2014

  AOPA’s long-established quality journal, Australian Pilot, has published its first article on the Jacobson…

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01 December

Forthcoming JF Presentation to Soar Aviation, YMMB Moorabbin Airport – to be held – Sat 6 December 2014

Following on from a visit and some discussion (during which it was quickly established that…

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29 November

Second JF Presentation to Melbourne Flight Training, YMMB Moorabbin Airport – 28 November 2014

Thanks again to Glen, Ermin and the team at Melbourne Flight Training (MFT) at YMMB…

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22 November

First JF Presentation to Melbourne Flight Training, YMMB Moorabbin Airport – 20 November 2014

Thanks to Glen Buckley and the team at Melbourne Flight Training, at YMMB Moorabbin Airport,…

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07 November

“… finally blinded by the light…” Mike Bernays – 7 November 2014

I read about your new iPad app on the Jacobson Flare last week. I am…

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01 November

“…improving the landing standards and results for all pilots.” – Jamie Durrant 1 November 2014

“Not a day goes by without thinking what a great achievement it was having helped…

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10 October

“… one of the best aviation apps on the market” – Australian Flying Magazine – 10 October 2014

The long-established and popular aviation journal, Australian Flying, has published their second article on the…

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08 October

The Jacobson Flare App for iPad Poster – Available Now – 8 October 2014

These exciting new posters are designed to be posted on notice boards at Aero Clubs…

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06 October

“… a very big ask? … you never know.” – Aero Australia Magazine Review 6 October 2014

            Aero Australia Magazine’s latest Issue 44 features a brief…

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03 September

The Jacobson Flare and Reckon One Accounting Software – Part 2 – 3 September 2014

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21 August

App Store (Switzerland) Review – ‘A highly valuable contribution to landing safety’ – ‘von FlightNav’ – 18 August 2014

  ‘The studies and publications regarding the Jacobson Flare have always been the ultimate reference…

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11 August

Oomph Supports the Jacobson Flare – 11 August 2014

Oomph – Powering the Best Digital Experiences in the World  –  including the Jacobson Flare…

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08 August

The App Store Team: Your app is featured in the Australian App Store – 8 August 2014

‘Dear The Jacobson Flare Pty Ltd, Congratulations! Your app, The Jacobson Flare has been selected…

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08 August

Captain David Butt: ‘ … your app certainly has come together beautifully’ – 7 August 2014

Captain Dave Jacobson spent many years as an instructor and Training Captain refining his ideas…

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03 August

Paul Phelan Writes – ‘Happier Landings’ – 2 August 2014

Here is a link to Paul Phelan’s latest article, ‘Happier Landings’. Paul is a veteran…

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30 July

A Time for Change – 30 July 2014

My principal objective has always been to enhance flight safety, world-wide, through The Jacobson Flare…

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28 July

TJF App Short Review: Terry Boocock PPL – 27 July 2014

Some great feedback from experienced PPL Terry Boocock, to my brother, John Jacobson: From: Terry…

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25 July

Thank You – and p.s., Please Spread the Word – 25 July 2014

This is just a quick note to say a big thank you to each and…

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David Jacobson presented with FRAeS diploma in Melbourne - 7 October 2015 http://t.co/gBjV8qgxvj
The Melbourne Branch of RAeS re-examines this advance in aeronautics – 25 September 2015 - http://t.co/pgZxoooK16
I am delighted and proud to have been invited to present The Jacobson Flare to the Melbourne Branch of the Royal... http://t.co/D7MlVCJm9x
“You really made me feel like a colleague in aviation.” - Dave Kramer -17 September 2015 http://t.co/r0cLvX8Nta
New Podcast: The Jacobson Flare - Live Now, on The Finer Points of Flying - 31 July 2015 http://t.co/K5preN8ilN
“… I now look forward to many, many kisses in the future!!” - Mike McFarlane - 23 June 2015 http://t.co/a54J00DcfI
Another great wrap, from a happy Cirrus pilot! http://t.co/bJLYUig0ti
Another highly complimentary Review on the App Store (Australia) http://t.co/8MxF7EFfSe