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** Just Released ** JF App V2.0 for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch – Standby for Android! – 13 February 2020

Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Users:

Since September 2019, we have been working to obviate the sometimes inconvenient and unacceptable issues created when iOS updates occur, as they do – inevitably. We actively sought a long-term solution to address all future iOS updates.

We are proud to announce the release, overnight, of the Jacobson Flare App V2.0 for the iPad, iPhone and  iPod Touch, with additional content and improved functionality, appearance and descriptions.

What’s New?

A comprehensive update, comprising

Enhanced diagrams

Additional topics
– Going around
– Reference Groundspeed technique (RGS)
– Summary of the Problem Issues with the 100yo Conventional   Techniques
– Summary of the Advantages of the Jacobson Flare

New base software and layout to facilitate future app development

Videos and 5 operating calculators are hosted externally
– These now require internet connection, to access; (this is to minimise in-flight risks – the rest of the App is installed on your device.)

Removal of bugs


Important Notes for previous Jacobson Flare App for iPad Owners

 If you have previously purchased The Jacobson Flare App on your iPad, you can download it for free on all your other iOS devices, including iPhone, as long as you’re using the same Apple ID.

On some devices the ‘cloud’ icon will appear, acknowledging a previous purchase of the JF App and the app can be downloaded.

However, on other devices, (including our own!) we have learned that the App Store sometimes falsely displays the purchase buttonAs long as you’re signed in to the same Apple ID, you can just go ahead and download the app, even though the App Store falsely displays the purchase button, displaying the current price. Just go ahead and select that button, as though you intend to purchase the app. A pop-up window should appear, as displayed here, below right and no additional charge should be made.

If you have any doubt:
please reach out to Appstore Support at
Select Apps & software > App Store > Subscriptions & purchases.

If you have already been charged, please have your Apple ID and your Order ID on your Receipt ready. An AppStore agent will guide you and process your refund. You may select chat or schedule a call back whichever one is more convenient for you.


Android Users:

There is some great news for you, too!

We have also taken this opportunity to answer the many requests received and are about to release the NEW Jacobson Flare App for ANDROID V1.0.

Our team is completing the set-up and final testing and planning to release by the end of  February 2020.

We shall keep you informed of progress.

Captain David M Jacobson FRAeS MAP
Director – The Jacobson Flare Pty Ltd

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Discover the missing link in airplane landing technique

Since the first flight, pilots have pursued the elusive, consistently perfect landing. ‘What’ to do is generally understood. However, the ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ are missing from traditional landing training.

The Jacobson Flare technique is the quantifiable explanation of what pilots have been trying to achieve by feel and guesswork, with varying results, for over 100 years. It enables pilots to define and execute an accurate eye path – from final approach to touchdown.

Developed by former Qantas Airways Captain David Jacobson over the course of an impressive career in aviation , The Jacobson Flare promises better landings – every time.

App for iPad Benefits

A world class training and reference tool 

The Ultimate Landing Reference

We researched the most neglected subject in the entire flight training syllabus; then, over 35 years, proved a universal quantifiable and logical explanation and answered your every question.

Bespoke iPad Architecture

This beautiful app is designed to complement the elegant simplicity of the Jacobson Flare. We demonstrate this universal technique, applied to the C172, through the B737 and B777, to the mighty A380.

5 Unique Fully Functional Calculators

As well as one-off flare calculations, critically compare ILS, PAPI and T-VASIS glide slopes with the correct visual aim point for YOUR aircraft.

The 4 Second Flare

Interactive in-app slides reveal real-time 1-second runway distance increments, defining the entire flare manoeuvre from the flare point through to a predictable touchdown of consistent quality.

Fully illustrated & e-book modes

The full presentation with pop-up text via Read and other controls, 6 video clips, calculators and more in Landscape, with an e-book mode accessed in Portrait, for continuous reading.

Comprehensive Reference Section

Refer to design eye point seating positions, runway markings, approach paths and their navigation aids, formulae derivations, the 5 ubiquitous calculators and more, assembled as never before.

The Jacobson Flare App

a reference tool for every pilot 

The Jacobson Flare App for iPad explains the geometric structure that defines the eye path, underpinning the pilot skills necessary to ensure consistently smoother landings. With intuitive navigation, comprehensive instruction and a visually engaging format, the app is an essential reference tool whether you’re a student, recreational pilot, professional civil pilot, military pilot or an aviation enthusiast.

Once you’ve learned this universal landing technique, you can apply the principles from one airport to another, during day and night and on your next larger (or smaller) airplane endorsement.

Substantial discounts apply to Flight Training Organisations. Contact Us for more information.

Hear David Discuss

How The Jacobson Flare can improve your landings  

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Box Hill Institute, Melbourne Australia Video Presentation Watch now on YouTube.

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The Finer Points Aviation Podcast presented by Jason Miller. ‘What if the World was Round?’ – The Jacobson Flare

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Do you want to experience that feeling of satisfaction you get from a beautiful landing more often? 

Read what pilots of all levels have to say about the technique and app here and download The Jacobson Flare for iPad now.