35th Anniversary of the First Publication of the Jacobson Flare

35th Anniversary of the First Publication of the Jacobson Flare

35th Anniversary of the First Publication of the Jacobson Flare

The original Paper, ‘Where to Flare‘, written and presented by Captain David M Jacobson for the 1987 Australian Aviation Symposium, Canberra ACT, Australia, developed to become The Jacobson Flare.

18-20 November 2022 marks the 35th anniversary of the publication of the original Paper.







An abridged version of this paper appeared shortly after, in the Australian Department of Transport’s Aviation Safety Digest No 134 Spring 1987 edition.


For over 100 years aviators have, for the most part, known WHAT we are trying to achieve when landing an aeroplane; it’s the HOW that has been so elusive.

My long-held view is that the visual approach and landing manoeuvre is the worst taught and most neglected topic in the entire flight training syllabus, both civil and military because, until 1987, there had never been a universal, quantifiable and consistently reliable approach and landing training technique. A loose collection of myths and misinformation, opinions and guesswork do not qualify.

37 years ago, I developed a solution. However, the industry is yet to realise that it has a problem. The pathetic fallback, ‘We’ve always done it, this way’, is just not good enough, anymore.

If you agree, contact me and let us start a conversation on how you can introduce the Jacobson Flare to your Flight School or College training syllabus.

Please visit www.jacobsonflare.com and its various tabs. I commend The Jacobson Flare LITE.pdf as the best introduction yet for those new to this subject.
Here is a response from a former RAAF Air Commodore. I look forward to yours.
With kind regards and happy landings,

Captain David M Jacobson FRAeS MAP



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