No thanks … We are too busy! Does that ring any alarm bells?

No thanks … We are too busy! Does that ring any alarm bells?

No thanks … We are too busy! Does that ring any alarm bells? – It should.

Many might argue that our lives in general and our working lives in particular, seem busier today than ever; with more responsibilities than ever.

When you’re busy, it is a perfectly normal response to not want to be bothered by fresh thinking, on something that you thought was settled years ago.

But is it always a sensible response? Perhaps not.

When it comes to landing an airplane – of any size – how come it still comes down to an educated guess, regarding when to commence the flare, how much to flare and how fast to flare the airplane? Especially when EVERYTHING ELSE in aviation is very well defined and documented.

Why is it that flight training manuals – whether from manufacturers, aviation authorities or flight training organisations – contain little useful information on HOW to land an airplane, when those same manuals discuss ALL other topics so very well?

Perhaps the answer is because all those other topics are based on fact, whereas discussion around the landing manoeuvre has been based historically on opinion, feel, judgment, repetition and experience – NONE of which can be taught – handed on, unchallenged, for over 100 years. We all had to ‘get the hang of it.

Perhaps this also explains why the quality of landings, worldwide, is so inconsistent, often with sad and expensive results.

We invite you to take a few moments to check out and consider the answers to these questions.



Happy Landings

Captain David M Jacobson


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