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‘We’ve always done it this way! … What’s wrong with that?’ – 13 November 2018

“We’ve always done it this way.” The ‘Law of Primacy’ in education is very powerful:  What we are first taught on any given subject often creates a strong, almost unshakable impression. We believe it, implicitly. Perhaps that’s why generations of flight instructors have resisted looking at landings in other way than the 100-year-old ‘conventional wisdom’: […]

• ‘Don’t just take our word for it’ … with thanks and acknowledgment to Marc Santacroce – USA …15 August 2018

This review, from Marc Santacroce, a CFI from the USA, was also posted on 3 February 2015, on our testimonials page,  . ‘So, once again in my flying life (started in 1965), I am faced with getting back up to speed on my aviation skills after another extended absence. I am not a high time […]

Why inflict yesterday’s landing techniques on tomorrow’s pilots? … 6 August 2018

Of all manoeuvres flown in fixed-wing aircraft, the landing flare remains an enigma, It is usually the most precise flight manoeuvre that pilots are required to master as it is critical to the safe and satisfactory conclusion of every flight. I’t’s often stated that, ‘while take-offs are optional, landings are mandatory‘. While everything else in […]

If you really want to impress another pilot with your landings, explain to them HOW you do it … 29 July 2018

It’s a very natural thing … for anyone … to want to show your mates, your buddies, supervisors, or even examiners, just how well you can land your airplane. After all, you’ve now got the hang of it … on this airplane type. You’ve practised, you’ve mis-landed a couple of times, maybe; you’ve flared a […]

How to land a plane … 21 July 2018

A senior flight instructor once suggested that there are 3 or 4 steps required for a successful landing … BUT:  no-one knows what they are! If that was ever true, it is certainly not, anymore. For a start, there are 5 – and since 1987, we DO know what they are. In order to learn how […]

Your students go solo in half the time … isn’t that bad for business? 14 July 2018

Throughout my 50-year career as an Australian professional pilot (1965-2015), it was considered normal for civilian student pilots to attain the proficiency required to achieve their first solo flight after an average of 10-12 hours’ dual instruction. More lately, reports indicate that many students haven’t reached solo standard by 30-35  hours! That number happens to […]

“The worst landing that I ever performed was the one I never actually made” … 6 July 2018

Fortunately, no damage was done – the only thing that really took a hit was my ego. The simple fact is that many years ago, I touched down in a passenger jet before I thought I needed to commence the landing flare manoeuvre. I was the (reasonably experienced) First Officer (co-pilot) of a B727-100, one of […]

You’ll recover the cost in just one LESS circuit … 24 June 2018

How many circuits has it cost you, so far, to try and get the ‘hang’ of learning how to land your plane? And how much money? Typically, in my experience here in Australia, most student pilots solo in about 10-12 hours. However, a disturbing trend seems to have developed here and elsewhere – pilots are taking […]

To all pilots who care about their landings: … 21 June 2018

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After 100 years, the explanation of HOW to land a plane simply could not be made any harder … so we made it easier. 16 June 2018

When learning to fly in 1965, at just 17 years old, I couldn’t understand why an intelligent explanation of how to land a plane didn’t seem to exist. Everything else in the training  syllabus was well defined and easily understood … but NOT the landing. It is ALMOST * still the case today. First, my early […]