Crosswind Landings

with The Jacobson Flare  

Crosswind landings with The Jacobson Flare

When introducing the topic of crosswind landings, some flight instructors seem to delight in terrifying their students. This is unnecessary and so damaging to their confidence levels.

Sometimes the wind does blows directly down the runway… but mostly, it doesn’t.

Landings frequently involve a crosswind component. Once understood, it is just another landing; sometimes a challenge but certainly not to be feared, as is often sadly the case.

The Jacobson Flare App for iPad explores the options when landing with a crosswind and explains clearly how to master this normal manoeuvre.

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Do you want to experience that feeling of satisfaction you get from a beautiful landing more often? 

Read what pilots of all levels have to say about the technique and app here and download The Jacobson Flare for iPad now.