Further Reading

The following subjects are now answered clearly and simply, in the Jacobson Flare App for iPad, available now on the App Store:

Landing Training – Conventional training practices have assumed manual landings to be non-quantifiable. This is no longer the case. We haven’t needed to rely on guess-work, and trial and error, and repetition, since 1985; and neither have you.

How to Land a Plane – Someone once quipped: “The general idea of landing an airplane is to aim for the Earth and then just miss!” Actually, that is not as silly as it sounds. The airplane body DOES (or should) miss and it’s the landing gear that touches down.

Handling the Big Jets – D.P. Davies (Handling the Big Jets, 1967) wrote, “The only manoeuvre left worth doing, the only manoeuvre calling for any real native flying skill, is the landing.” Now, that native flying skill is enhanced with a simple yet visible overlay; the pilot’s eye path – from approach to touchdown – is defined, comprehensively.