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Websites of organisations that we regard highly:

Essentials Magazine and Multimedia – Food / Wine / Art / People / Places – by the brilliant Jamie Durrant, Producer & Media Manager of the Jacobson Flare App for the iPad.

Browse Essentials Magazine

Oomph Tablet and mobile devices present unparalleled opportunities for businesses and brands. Take your digital strategy to the next level. Oomph delivers high impact, cost-effective, multi-format digital transformation of content and advertising. The Jacobson Flare App relies on the integrity of the Oomph platform and the expertise of the Daily Press specialists.

Oomph Publishing Solutions

The Jacobson Flare for Reckon One – A unique opportunity for the reciprocal promotion of two very innovative systems: The Jacobson Flare – the world’s first and only universal, quantifiable and consistently reliable airplane approach and landing training technique – and – the freshly updated Reckon One Cloud-based Accounting Software, modular, clean and really cost-effective.

Select here to play the Jacobson Flare for Reckon One video

Reckon One – online accounting freedom – designed by you – effective and offering excellent value for money and great customer service.

Take a look at Reckon One

Avia Aircraft was founded in 2011 with the sole objective of offering global best-practice aviation services.

A world class Fixed Base Operation at Moorabbin airport. Open the door and you’ll open up a stylish, efficient world of ultra-modern aviation that offers full aviation concierge services to take care of all your aircraft needs.

Cirrus Melbourne is also co-located with Avia Aviation and the excellent customer focus follows across both facilities. Their services include:

  • Aircraft Management
  • Aircraft Training Centre including on-site simulator
  • Aircraft Sales, Rental and Charter
  • Aircraft Fractional ownership

Avia are also great supporters of the Jacobson Flare, reinforcing their prime objective as a Centre of Excellence.

Take a good look at Avia – and Cirrus

AvPlan EFB – Plan smarter, fly sooner – by the brilliant Bevan Anderson

Designed as the go-anywhere lifetime EFB application that can grow with you – from local VFR recreational aviation through to professional IFR charter and regional airline operations, AvPlan has been designed to leverage your investment by using the portability, connectivity, ease of use, reliability and processing capability of your Apple iPhone and iPad.

AvPlan just gets better and better!

View AvPlan

Bob Tait’s Aviation Theory School has specialised in aviation theory training for over thirty years.

Based at Redcliffe Aerodrome, Queensland Australia, Bob Tait’s ATS offers high quality home study programs covering all of the syllabus requirements from Basic Aeronautical Knowledge to Commercial Pilot Licence and Command Instrument Rating.

The Company believes that there is a lot more to aviation education than absorbing (only) the raw material of the syllabus to pass an examination. We agree.

View Bob Tait’s Website

Matt Hall Racing is Australia’s premier aviation entertainment organisation.

Founded by the country’s foremost aviator and former RAAF FA18 ‘Top Gun’, Matt Hall, in 2009, Matt Hall Racing operates out of the Newcastle region in New South Wales, Australia and offers a myriad of aviation and risk management services.

Matt Hall and the MHR team is also the only southern hemisphere pilot and team in the elite Red Bull Air Race – the fastest motorsport in the world.

Meet Australia’s RBAR Top Gun Pilot

WINGMATE is best described as a ‘black box’ – flight data recorder – for light aircraft – the brainchild of Peter Wezenbeek – Race Tactician to Matt Hall Racing (and former Renault F1 Race Team Control Systems Engineer).

WINGMATE is a simple yet powerful data and tracking device designed to monitor an airplane’s usage and improve the flying experience for both experienced and novice pilots.

WINGMATE records flight data directly onto an SD card so that pilots can keep track of their own performance quickly and easily.

WINGMATE is the perfect tool for flight instruction, rental companies, aerobatics and, of course, private pilots.

Stay tuned for further developments!

Meet Your New Wingmate

Mt Beauty Gliding Club is a growing and vibrant community of glider pilots in the beautiful Upper Kiewa Valley at the aptly named town of Mt Beauty.

Soar at MBGC

Do you want to experience that feeling of satisfaction you get from a beautiful landing more often? 

Read what pilots of all levels have to say about the technique and app here and download The Jacobson Flare for iPad now.