Better Landings

Jacobson Flare App: iOS and Android  


Whether you’re a student pilot or a seasoned professional, The Jacobson Flare App for iOS and Android is the answer to better landings. Here’s how The Jacobson Flare can help you achieve consistently better landings:

Built-in Safety =

Better landings 

Improving flight safety is the principal objective of The Jacobson Flare App. It achieves this by providing pilots of all levels of flying experience with clear and simple facts to transform the ‘art’ of landing into a repeatable skill.

You no longer need to guess flare height and feel for the ground; the entire manoeuvre is virtually visible to you.

Greater Insight =

Better landings 

To land an airplane consistently well, a pilot should be able to explain the following five questions:

1. Where to aim?
2. How to aim?
3. When to flare?
4. How much to flare?
5. How fast to flare (flare rate)?

There are not many flight instructors and not many training manuals that can explain even ONE of these questions, let alone all FIVE.

The Jacobson Flare App answers all five applying, clearly and simply, known principles and facts that enable a pilot at any level of competence and experience to finally and fully understand HOW to make safer and more consistent landings, in any airplane type. The noted increase in pilot competence and confidence is breathtaking.

Greater Confidence =

Better landings 

One of the most common responses we hear from experienced pilots is something along the following lines: “The Jacobson Flare enables me, not only to troubleshoot a landing that didn’t work out, but also to explain how I just landed beautifully, this time.”

Read what pilots of all levels have to say about the technique and app here.

With the Jacobson Flare App, most of the variable factors affecting perception and estimation of flare height may be discounted because pilots can fly a clearly delineated eye path, from final approach through to a predictable touchdown. Simple triangulation principles are applied to determine a visual fix for commencement of the flare.

The technique provides a truly quantifiable explanation of the landing manoeuvre which defines the entire landing flare for any airplane from day one. With this knowledge comes something very powerful: increased confidence in your landings.

Universal Precision =

Better landings 

The information and materials contained in the app are applicable to virtually any fixed-wing airplane that flares, just as the principles of flight are applicable to all types of airplane. Apart from obvious differences between airplane types such as size, weight and inertia, speed, purpose and ‘feel’, the essential difference between them is simply that the numbers just get bigger as the size increases.

The Jacobson Flare empowers pilots with skills based on fact, not legend, to perform more consistent, precise landings – even when landing with a different flap setting, a lighter or heavier airplane load and on varying runway slopes and widths. This level of expertise is achieved more quickly and with much less effort than ever before.

You can apply the principles of the approach and the landing flare to your next airplane type conversion – and the next. Examples used in the Jacobson Flare App include both light and heavy airplanes.

JF App: iOS & Android

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Do you want to experience, more often, that great feeling of fulfilment derived from executing consistently beautiful landings?

Read what pilots of all levels of experience have to say about the Jacobson Flare technique and the App, on our Testimonials page.

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