The Jacobson Flare Lite now a video on YouTube

The Jacobson Flare Lite now a video on YouTube

For some time, we’ve been asked to produce a Jacobson Flare – Lite: a simplified version, free of diagrams and the geometry and trigonometry that underpins the Jacobson Flare. We understand that there are some who feel that they wouldn’t understand a formal approach and landing technique, even if based on some very basic mathematics.

A picture is always better than a thousand words, but a real picture is unassailable; and we have a real approach and landing video, viewed from the cockpit. The downloadable, no-frills PDF presentation from our website homepage presents the practical application of the Jacobson Flare at YPOK Porepunkah, a grass-surfaced country airstrip at the foot of Mount Buffalo, in NE Victoria, Australia, based on a video from the Jacobson Flare App. The example airplane is the C172 and the images are a carefully selected group of screenshots from the video to assist pilots to identify, illustrate, resolve and integrate the five key elements of the approach and landing, namely:

1. Where to aim;

2. How to aim;

3. When to flare;

4. How much to flare; and

5. How fast to flare.

Now, the Jacobson Flare Lite has been published as a video on YouTube.

Each step is explained as simply as possible, through some brief notes, appended below each image. We suggest that you run the video through first, without any interruption, as an overview, before reviewing each of the selected screen images, in detail.

While the concept of using individual pages allows reading in your own time, it is useful to re-run the video at any time, to visualise application of the notes in real-time; the more times, the better.

Note: Use the video controls to pause, if more time is required to view a slide.


Happy Landings

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