Captain David Jacobson elected FRAeS

Captain David Jacobson elected FRAeS

On 23 June 2015, David was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society – a highly prestigious recognition from the worlds leading aviation-oriented learned society.

‘Fellowship is the highest grade attainable and is only bestowed upon those who meet the requirements for Member and who can also demonstrate that they have achieved one of the following in the profession of aeronautics or aerospace:

  • Have made outstanding contributions;
  • Have attained a position of high responsibility in an influential role; or
  • Have had long experience of high quality’

This is undoubtedly the greatest honour David has achieved in his aviation career. He was presented with his FRAeS diploma in Melbourne on 7 October 2015, just ahead of a very well-received presentation of the Jacobson Flare to the RAeS.

David is now looking forward to contributing further to the aims and aspirations of RAeS members.


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