Coming Soon: The Jacobson Flare App for the iPad

Coming Soon: The Jacobson Flare App for the iPad

Well, the wait is almost over. The Jacobson Flare App is completed and is currently undergoing the final review process by the Apple review team, prior to a planned launch on the App Store. This should be completed soon, hopefully in this month of July 2014.

This two-year project has consumed thousands of hours and the initial feedback is that this effort is very much reflected in the presentation and attention to detail – just two hallmarks of this stylish presentation.

The content is the equivalent of a 350-page book, but is far more versatile and interactive. It replaces all previous versions of The Jacobson Flare Paper.

Final pricing has been kept low, at A$29.99 (US$ 23.99), to make the Jacobson Flare App for the iPad more accessible to younger student pilots, who have committed themselves to enough expense already in pursuing their dreams to fly. Indeed this app can save money.

Pilots and training organisations can reduce the expense of flying extra hours, previously necessary while students get the ‘hang’ and the ‘feel’ of landing an airplane. Instead of using trial and error techniques devolved from World War One, pilots are introduced to a complete yet simple system of landing, to be applied not just at the elementary stage, but right through a whole career.

The launch is imminent, so please stay tuned – and thank you for your interest.

David Jacobson
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Would you care to experience that unsurpassed sense of accomplishment, derived from executing consistently beautiful landings, more often?

Read what pilots of all levels of experience have to say about the Jacobson Flare technique and the App, on our Testimonials page.

Then download the COMPLETE Jacobson Flare app – for iOS or Android. You’re already possibly paying $300+/hour to hire an airplane : You’ll recover the cost of the app, in just ONE LESS-NEEDED CIRCUIT.


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