WINGMATE and The Jacobson Flare announce joint collaboration

WINGMATE and The Jacobson Flare announce joint collaboration

WINGMATE and the JACOBSON FLARE announce joint collaboration

WINGMATE is best described as a ‘black box’ – flight data recorder for light aircraft – brainchild of Peter Wezenbeek – Race Tactician to Matt Hall Racing and former Renault F1 Race Team Control Systems Engineer.

WINGMATE is a simple yet powerful data and tracking device designed to monitor an airplane’s usage and improve the flying experience for both experienced and novice pilots. This device records flight data directly onto an SD card so that pilots and operators can keep track of flight performance quickly and easily.

The perfect tool for flight training organisations, regional airlines, agricultural aviation, aircraft rental and charter companies, aerobatic training and competition and, of course, recreational and professional pilots at all levels, WINGMATE is your perfect companion. It greatly enhances flight safety.

The JACOBSON FLARE is the world’s first and only universal, quantifiable and consistently reliable approach and landing training technique. Since 1987, Captain David Jacobson has defined the common denominator to all landings: the pilot’s eye path. Thousands of pilots now land their airplanes without relying solely on the myths, legends and misinformation, recycled since 1918. They have a fully visual ‘overlay’ for their visual approaches.

Now, these two powerful tools combine the unique JACOBSON FLARE landing parameters with the leading-edge technology of WINGMATE, to provide incomparable evidence-based feedback on approach and landing accuracy. This will greatly enrich WINGMATE’s Landing report of recorded flights, and endow pilots and operators in any branch of aviation with finite results, to review and refine levels of competency, which are now required by aviation authorities.

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