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We invite you to browse the consistently positive testimonials that we receive. Many pilots, of all levels of experience, have downloaded our Apps.

Read about their personal experiences with the Jacobson Flare technique and the Jacobson Flare ESSENTIAL App for iOS.

Filled with confidence

“Just a quick note to let you know that I spent last Saturday reading your app/book and repeatedly watching the videos.

To my surprise, starting with the first landing on Sunday, during my lesson, every single landing went perfectly. I’d almost never landed before without the instructor taking part/over and without help (prompting) from the instructor.

This preparation has led to me having flown my first solo last Sunday and I felt confident during every one of the three landings. Naturally a long way to go but filled with confidence, thank you for this!”

– Martijn Koenders, Netherlands

Beautiful and intuitive design

“I am a happy customer of your iPad app and first off would like to extend my thanks for the beautiful and intuitive design as well as the most useful content.

All of the instruction I received on how to land has been very ad hoc, but having a degree in math, it’s clearly a geometrical problem, which you so eloquently solved and explicated in your app.”

– Dmitry Dakhnovsky, San Francisco, CA, USA

Do it The Jacobson Flare way

“The Jacobson Flare App is one of those aids that make life easier…

Everyone says that mastering the landings was the hardest part of learning to fly.

Do it the Jacobson Flare way, and they won’t be.”
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– Marc Santacroce, San Francisco, CA, USA

Eloquently explained

“I was gob smacked about how professionally this [Jacobson Flare App for iPad] has been put together.

I’ve just realised… that I have been intuitively doing what you explain so eloquently for a long time now!” 
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– Mike Bernays, Tarragindi, QLD, Australia

Intuitive and comprehensive

“The studies and publications regarding the Jacobson Flare have always been the ultimate reference for me regarding a calculable and safe final approach and landing of an aircraft. For this reason, I was awaiting this iPad app impatiently, but it still exceeded my expectations. 

From the aviation point of view, the Jacobson Flare is introduced and explained in a very intuitive and comprehensive way, regarded from any conceivable point of view, and finally enriched with very helpful videos and calculators. 

From an IT perspective

Such an amount of thorough information is a challenge regarding an app’s structure, navigation and user friendliness. However, the producers of this app have thought of everything an outstanding app needs to consist of! With two distinct presentations in landscape and portrait, the user gets all the information needed, being in any specific context. 

I highly recommend this app to all pilots seeking a better understanding of the flare manoeuvre, in order to perform consistently safe landings.” 
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– ‘von FlightNav’, Zurich, Switzerland

I commend to all pilots of all aircraft types

“Captain Dave Jacobson spent many years as an instructor and training captain refining his ideas on how to land aircraft ranging in size from small piston engine light aircraft up to large passenger jets. 

After several years of hard work, he has produced a useful application that should be in every flying training organisation’s suite of learning/teaching aids. There is plenty of detail, actual videos, and great artwork.

I use his aim point calculators as part of my approach preparation every time I go to a new airport, or to refresh my memory for a less frequently used runway. 

If any pilot chooses to purchase this application just for the interactive aim point calculators it contains, it would still be a great buy. I commend it to pilots of all aircraft types.’ 

– Captain David Butt, Captain B737, Melbourne, Australia

A reliable way to land

“While I may use other visual cues in the landing manoeuvre, the Jacobson Flare is the primary method that I rely on.

Even in the one month of flying since the completion of my training, I have had several landings where either the weather conditions were poor, the night dark, the pilot tired or a combination of these.

This landing technique is a reliable way of ensuring a flare at the correct point when some of the visual cues are lost or are deceptive.” 

– Peter Robinson, FO (now Captain) B737, Gymea Bay, NSW, Australia

No parlour trick

“The Jacobson Flare is not a parlour trick. It doesn’t involve a deck of cards or a pact with the devil. 

It’s my considered opinion that pilots who learn to apply Captain Jacobson’s techniques can make consistently good landings, provided they know how to configure their aircraft and fly a stable approach at the appropriate airspeed.’ 

‘I‘m excited to have a cool, new tool in my teaching toolbox. I can’t shake this feeling of a kid in a candy store.” 

– John Ewing, Flight Instructor, California, USA

A strong impression

“My still strong impression from our flight was just as marked as the impact you had on me (during your presentation on ‘landing techniques’) at the CASA Flight Safety Forum in Brisbane – all those years ago, in 1997.

I’m convinced that this was not only due to your magic ability and passion for ‘precision flying’ but, more importantly, your passion for sharing.

This became clear to me as you made yourself distinctly different from all the other captains I’ve ever met on the flight deck – by not showing me, but INVOLVING me.” 
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– Justin Ley Crisp, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Simple, unassailable aerodynamic logic

“Since introducing the Jacobson Flare to our staff, our typical student time to first solo is around six hours. 

I am convinced that the Jacobson Flare … is the greatest single advance in flying training in many, many years.

It is based on simple mathematically derived principles that are easy to apply and, to quote Handley-Page’s description of the crescent wing design (of their Victor bomber), represent ‘simple, unassailable aerodynamic logic.’

One of the most significant benefits I see is that many future airline pilots will have learned the most effective approach and landing technique from day one, and will never have to change as they progress up the ladder of aircraft types.

Airline check and training organisations are going to owe you a large debt.” 
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– John Chesterfield AM MRAeS, Air Commodore RAAF (Ret), Chief Pilot/ Managing Director (Ret), Phoenix Fixed and Rotary Wing Training and Charter, Coolangatta Airport, QLD, Australia

Immensely satisfying

“I was very much impressed by your excellent presentation on landing techniques at the CASA Flight Safety Seminar, held in Brisbane, December 1997.

For the first time, pilots could be explained this very ‘hazy’ phase of flight with a cohesive, consistent, theoretical and logical mathematical concept. 

Since then I have practised it and it works every time; and it is immensely satisfying. Holding an Australian CPL, I have had the opportunity to fly in Europe and the US, yet I have never met anyone else who could technically describe this delicate and demanding phase of flight as you have

In my opinion, this technique should be taught in the flying syllabus from day one as it definitely improves safety and is so efficient.

Moreover, it will avoid so much frustration and wasted time and money like I experienced during my first landings.” 
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Christian Dorand, Currumbin Waters, QLD, Australia

A contribution to aviation learning

“This issue marks the first significant contribution from one of our own members. Many of you will have heard of or, indeed, even used the Jacobson Flare.’ 

You will find it an interesting concept which may cause you to think about your own flare technique. 

The mathematics of the Jacobson Flare technique have been checked by a Boeing engineer as well as several other flight test and flight dynamics qualified people. Suffice to say that it is mathematically correct. 

In publishing David Jacobson’s paper, I am firstly acknowledging that David has put an awful lot of work into his flare technique.

Secondly, I believe that aviation is a constant learning process and that David’s paper contributes to that learning process. 

David’s paper has attempted to quantify and provide some consistency to what is a highly dynamic process, and for that he must be commended.” 

– Richard Woodward tp, FO (now Captain), Editorial – The Longreach Flyer No 3, Australian International Pilots’ Association, Woollahra, NSW, Australia

Valuable addition to any pilot’s flight bag

“Congratulations on the publishing of your Jacobson Flare app. It is indeed a valuable addition to any pilot’s flight bag. 

The app is, quite literally, a work of art in itself.

But the most important part is the message it carries. For any pilot, and in particular student pilots, this app will prove to be a real gem.

It is filled with methods of getting the final approach path and landing correct, then backing it up with those fabulous videos. From light aircraft at small country airfields to heavy jets at major airports.

It has something for all aviators.

I particularly enjoyed Chapter 6 ‘Reviewing and Troubleshooting’ which allows the pilot to discover why a particular landing did not go quite as planned. Or why it did!

Highly detailed

The detail provided in the app is thorough, but at the same time an individual can go into this detail as far as they care to and still get the message. 

Runway markings, visual aids, landing calculators for various types of aircraft – it is all there. Wonderful! 

I recommend this app to any pilot who wants a greater understanding of the landing manoeuvre.”

– Captain Gary Gould, Captain A380, Sydney, Australia

Simple, consistent and safe

“After not landing an aircraft for an extended period of time, except a few times in light aircraft, your approach and landing technique was timely and warranted.

Your guidance into path control on approach helped me, especially during the time it takes to develop the visual cues which we all use, often subconsciously. When to initiate the flare was initially invaluable and something I use all the time as I gain experience, as another cue.

You will be pleased to know that I have often been complimented for the accuracy of my approaches and landings. Most of the credit belongs to your lateral approach. 

The Jacobson Flare technique has been very beneficial in performing smooth, accurate landings. Perhaps, more importantly, the visual cues offer an excellent basis for self-analysis when things don’t go quite to plan. 

Most pilots cannot verbalise what they do or look for. Your technique is very simple and works consistently and safely.” 
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– Ross Taylor, First Officer (now Captain) B737, Kew, VIC, Australia

Received with enthusiasm

“The first positive aspect of the Jacobson Flare was standardisation, which is now at a high level.

The technique was received with a great deal of enthusiasm and interest within the college. Not surprising, considering the lack of alternatives.

I have absolutely no doubts about its effectiveness and relevance to airline-sponsored ab-initio students (or to anybody else for that matter).

It is the mainstay of technique taught at this College.” 
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– Barry Carpenter, Chief of Standards and Testing, Australian Aviation College, Parafield Airport, SA, Australia

Less effort and more consistency

“I have been using your technique and have had great success as I have consistently sent my students solo below 10 hours and, indeed, two in less than 8.

I think it’s great and I have re-educated myself to land my company’s aircraft, be it the Cherokee or the Navajo, with much less effort and with far more consistency.” 
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– Trevor Ghersi, Alice Springs, NT, Australia

Takes away the guesswork

“I cannot recall ever being instructed on a more practical or adaptable method.

It certainly takes the guesswork out of this critical area of flying.” 
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– Daryl Wilmot, Bellbird Park, QLD, Australia

Consistently achieve desired landing outcomes

“I was introduced to the Jacobson Flare by David Jacobson, almost 30 years ago. This was a scientifically based methodology which, when applied correctly, could be used by pilots of the smallest to the largest aircraft to consistently land smoothly at the desired position on the runway.

Having been involved in pilot training (Airline & General Aviation) for most of my 40 year plus career, I have used & trained the Jacobson Flare and am very pleased to see the development of this training app.

I believe this is the most comprehensive landing training package available.

As we continue to regularly see landing incidents in all facets of aviation, this has to be an opportunity to consistently achieve the landing outcome desired.

It certainly takes the guesswork out of this critical area of flying.” 

– Alan Cheers, Captain B737, Melbourne, Australia

Finally! Real Answers and No Mumbo-Jumbo about Flaring an Airplane

“I strongly endorse this app. David Jacobson, who is a true aviation professional has brought much worthwhile thought to the problem of the landing flare.

In this app, he’s expressed logically, in mathematically correct geometric terms, how to aim the aircraft for landing, when to flare, and how; in a way that every pilot from student to ATPL can understand and apply.

Quality App

The app itself is first class, with powerful graphics and diagrams, real video showing the technique in practice, and very useful tutorials for a range of problems and situations. As well, there are appendices with supplementary information including calculators, mathematical derivation and references. A bit of study is needed to fully appreciate the technique, but it’s not hard and the quality of the app makes for well structured learning.

It’s easy to start, and learn in stages: it’s really a structured mini-course and an extremely well presented one at that.

Highly recommended.”

– Reviewed by user Andew (via the App Store)

“You really made me feel like a colleague in aviation” – Dave Kramer

Hi Capt Dave,

I purchased and reviewed your (Jacobson Flare) app in August 2015.

It is outstanding and has become another tool I use for landing. Thank you so much for taking the time to do such an important project. Your personal email was very much appreciated and really allowed me to connect with your material. We students/new pilots really look up to such educational information and it really is a treat to be able to simply talk with the authority; you really made me feel like a colleague in aviation.

If you are ever in the Bay Area (KSFO), our flight school (San Carlos Flight Center) would really love to hear you speak. And since the speaker fee is gratis, no worries on your tax returns 🙂

Thanks Again,

Dave Kramer

cc Jason Miller

San Francisco Ca USA


New Podcast on the Finer Points: ‘What if the World was Round?’ – The Jacobson Flare

Former Qantas Airlines Captain David Jacobson has developed a technique for flaring an airplane that is scientific, practical and can be applied to any airplane you fly from an A380 to a Cessna 172. Listen now

The industry is well overdue for such a breath of fresh air!

“I took the time over the week end to have a good look at your app and I was completely blown away by the very professional way in which you have approached it and the excellent content.  

I have heard people mention the flare often over the years and I must admit I have never really taken the time to have a good look at it.  You have certainly put a great deal of effort into the project and I’m sure it will be of immense benefit to pilots of all experience levels.  

Valid and overdue

The points you have made are valid and the industry is well overdue for such a breath of fresh air!  I really enjoyed working through the app and I also took the time to take my Piper Pacer for a few circuits to try it out.  I must admit I was impressed at just how seamlessly it fits into the approach and landing.  

The little Pacer can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to landing as it has become known as a tailwheel with attitude.  However, your techniques fit comfortable into planning of the approach and landing.  

Thank you very much for the opportunity to appreciate and apply your excellent technique.  ”
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– Bob Tait, Redcliffe, QLD, Australia

Best App for Pilots

For sure the best app I’ve ever used. The landing technique explained in every single detail.

Conventional landing technique is just a best guess and when you ask for help the most usual answer is “you’ll master your judgement with time“.

This is all over with the Jacobson Flare which uses an analytic and precise way to master this technique. I spent one day reading this beautiful app – also very user friendly with images and videos to go in depth – and, by applying those concepts, my landings have improved dramatically.

Strongly commended to both cadet pilots and seniors willing to master their landings, fully.

– Riccardo Parachini, A319/320, Italy

(via the App Store)

The BEST way to perfect landings every time!

I have read many aviation books that fluff over the landing process.

Even the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority, in their Flight Instructor Manual describes landing in ways that are nothing more than trial and error – no technique is discussed.

This app addresses the issues

This app discusses it in pictures and some fantastic videos and, if you really want to get into the nuts and bolts, you can deep dive into the calculators and the incredible treatise, where there is even more explanation for you This will save aviation . That’s a big call, but true.

I would recommend this app to every single pilot in the world regardless of what aircraft they fly!

Captain Jacobson has landed us all a great app, thank you. You’ve nailed this one!

– Reviewed by user Bobzob, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

(via the App Store)

Great contribution to aviation

This app is fantastic and very well thought out and presented.

I am a regional airline pilot and use this technique all the time. Every level of aviation will benefit from this app.

Captain Jacobson has really developed a masterpiece with this app, I have it on my iPad and phone.

I find myself regularly re reading and absorbing the wealth of information contained within this app.

Great work Sir! Take care.

-Reviewed by user Lwm5 ,USA

– (via the App Store)

It’s always great to hear from former proteges

This message was received recently on LinkedIn, from Captain Geoff Appleton, a former protege at RAAF Point Cook Flying Club, in the mid-1980’s. Aviation is such a small world and it is wonderful and so rewarding to receive feedback, such as this:

Hi Dave,

You investigated & taught me the ‘Jacobson Flare’ at RAAF Point Cook Flying Club, when I was going thru the RAAF Pilots 142 course, now over 30 yrs ago.

I still use the concept today, in any aircraft, as do most of my ‘heavy’ mates. Fond memories…hope you’re well DJ?

Cheers mate,

Geoff Appleton (Capt B767, Air Japan/ANA, Narita/Japan)”

Great support

“I had a small issue restarting the app and sent a query to support. An excellent answer came back from Jacobson quickly. His approach makes sense and I look forward to practicing it. ” 

– Reviewed by user n2vi (via the App Store)

‘New pilots, pilots transitioning and those of us with experience ‘on type’ will all benefit from this.’

“If you have trouble visualizing your aim point or the timing and execution of your flare, and your instructor (or another instructor) isn’t successful in guiding you to that enlightenment, consider the following resource:

David Jacobson’s ‘The Jacobson Flare’, is a fee-based iPad app. I met Captain Jacobson (a retired Qantas Airways pilot and training captain) last week at the Australian Bonanza Society’s BPPP, Narromine NSW, and before that took his very informative and high-quality app-based course (Disclosure: He gave me free access so I could see his presentation before we met).

New pilots, pilots transitioning from one type of airplane to another, and those of us with experience “in type” will all benefit from this.

Tom Turner – American Bonanza Society

Thomas P. Turner, M.S. Aviation Safety, MCFI
Executive Director – Air Safety Foundation
American Bonanza Society
Wichita, KS, USA




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