Chapter 2. Introducing The Jacobson Flare: Outlining the Main Features

About This App Section

The Jacobson Flare applies familiar triangulation principles, commonly used in navigation, to determine a consistent landing flare point from a visual fix, for commencement of the flare.

Using a refined and proven technique that does not rely on the on the pilot’s peripheral perception of vertical height, knowing when to flare is now completely quantifiable and visible to the pilot on approach, by simple observation.

The principles and application of the ‘flare cut-off point’ – a supplementary, pre-calculated longitudinal point on the runway centreline designed to define the flare fix – are fully explained in great detail.

Commencing the flare is now executed with mathematical precision – even on unmarked grass and gravel airstrips.  The flare point is no longer based solely on an inconsistent guess of vertical height.

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