Five Indispensable Calculators: ILS, PAPI and Flare Point

About This App Section

Our in-app ILS, PAPI and T-VASIS calculators make light work of understanding and comparing different resulting approach slope indicator aim point positions, including the vital correction for runway slope.

Easy to use flare point calculators plot visual flare point cues on any chosen runway* with absolute accuracy. The system is designed perfectly to be used with any fixed wing airplane. * This applies equally well on grass and gravel airstrips, by day or night.

Save your own airfield database notes on calculated flare point and runway aim point data; recall them at any time.

Professionals will find the ILS, PAPI and T-VASIS calculators indispensable for day to day operations, as these convert published TCH and MEHT data to a longitudinal pilot-eye aim point, for immediate and simple comparison with the selected or operator-nominated visual aim point. For the first time, runway slope is taken into consideration – this is a significant refinement and explains the reasons for long (deep) touchdowns and heavy wear on down-sloping runways.

The five calculators include:

1. Df calculator
When to flare an airplane greater than 12,500lb (5700kg) MTOW

2. Dx calculator
Where to aim and when to flare an airplane up to 12,500lb (5700kg) MTOW

3. ILS calculator
Compare the ILS aim point with the correct visual aim point

4. PAPI calculator
Compare the PAPI aim point with the correct visual aim point

5. T-VASIS calculator (T-VASIS is gradually being phased out in Australia)
Compare the T-VASIS aim point with the correct visual aim point

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