The Videos: B777-300ER Simulator KLAX 25L Los Angeles Ca USA

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This approach was flown in a state of the art flight simulator by the author, highly experienced but not endorsed on the B777 or any wide-bodied jet transport and retired from airline service for four years, at the time. The universal application of the Jacobson Flare principles is clearly demonstrated, despite this lack of qualification and recent experience.

One of six fully captioned videos within the app; others include the C172 landing on an uphill grass airstrip and on paved runways and the B737-400 and A380-100, illustrating clearly how the Jacobson Flare may be applied to successive airplane conversions throughout a pilot’s career, on the many varied airfields around the world. This includes grass, gravel or even snow-covered unmarked airstrips by day or night and also water alighting areas for seaplanes.

There is always a way of assessing distance on these surfaces from their contrasting surface shades, or various-shaped edge markers or lights; any longitudinal errors caused by inaccuracies in estimation are made tolerable, through the 1:20 correction, in vertical height terms – that is, a longitudinal error diminishes approx 20 times, when flying a 3° flight path.

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