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A Time for Change – 30 July 2014

A Time for Change – 30 July 2014

My principal objective has always been to enhance flight safety, world-wide, through The Jacobson Flare – the unique and quantifiable explanation of what pilots have been trying to achieve by ‘feel’ and guesswork, with widely-varying results, for over 100 years.

My principal challenge has been that, while I have developed a solution (since 1987), world aviation still hasn’t realised that it has a problem!

Since 1987, the unique application of The Jacobson Flare has vanquished the imprecise aspects of landing an aeroplane, unchanged since the end of World War 1. Everything else in aviation had advanced since 1918, but NOT landing training.

After 30 years, technology has enabled me to bypass the slow traffic and present the Jacobson Flare app for iPad directly to those who have always known that guesswork and repetition is not good enough for the most precise manoeuvre pilots are required to execute.

So this is a call to supporters of the Jacobson Flare to start asking questions and to challenge those entrenched, tired and obsolete attitudes.

The Jacobson Flare app for iPad is the best resource, yet, to assist in effecting a change around the world and the great news is that change is now occurring.

David Jacobson