Are you having ‘fun’ with your landings? – David Jacobson – 22 May 2015

Are you having ‘fun’ with your landings? – David Jacobson – 22 May 2015


Are you having ‘fun’ with your landings?

None of your landing issues are new and they are certainly NOT your fault; the problem is that the world of aviation has been recycling the same ideas about landing training for 100 years, without really offering anything more than trial and error and repetition. We just get the ‘hang’ of it; and then we have to get the hang of it again and again and again, perhaps through an entire career. Since the end of World War One, flight instructors have been telling students what they, themselves, do; and each one has their way of relating the story; and that’s why you have had a different story from every instructor.

We all know WHAT we are trying to achieve; it’s the HOW that has been so elusive.

Until 1987, there had never been a universal, quantifiable and consistently reliable approach and landing training technique. In order to land any airplane consistently well, we must know the answers to five important, yet simple, questions:

Where to aim?

  1. How to aim?
  2. When to flare?
  3. How much to flare?
  4. How fast to flare? (that is, the flare rate)

Let me ask: ‘Have you seen a book or article, or heard an instructor explain (without mumbo jumbo or smoke and mirrors) the answer to even ONE of these questions?’

Fifty years ago, while learning to fly in 1965, I had an idea. Thirty years ago, while instructing on both light airplanes and DC-9’s, I researched that idea, based on simple triangulation (like a visual fix, as used by the 1943 RAF 617 Sqn ‘Dambusters’) and developed the Jacobson Flare. I have used and taught this technique ever since, for 16,000 of my 24,000 total hours. Put simply, it works. And last July, 2014, I released the Jacobson Flare App for the iPad, available on the App Store. It answers all FIVE of those questions and many more. At just A$29.99 (US$23.99), I commend it to you and to your INSTRUCTORS.

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