** Important ** : iOS 13 Forthcoming Update for iPad – 16 December 2019

** Important ** : iOS 13 Forthcoming Update for iPad – 16 December 2019

In September 2019, we announced that we had become aware that the very recent iOS 13 update for the iPad created access issues for the Jacobson Flare App for the iPad.

Please be assured that our work in actively seeking a long-term solution that will address this update issue, as well as future iOS updates is nearing completion.

We are PLANNING TO RELEASE the  Jacobson Flare App for the iPad V2.0, in EARLY 2020.

We have also taken the opportunity to include additional content and improve the functionality and appearance of the App to provide for the impending RELEASE of the NEW Jacobson Flare App for ANDROID V1.0, also in the FIRST QUARTER of 2020.

IN THE MEANTIME, we suggest that you DO NOT UPDATE TO iOS 13, if possible, until our update is completed.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY UPDATED to iOS 13, there’s a possible work-around to downgrade back to iOS12, if you have an archived backup, in iTunes: Open the link:


OR Google ‘revert/downgrade to iOS12’ and.
try other links.

We regret the inconvenience and will rectify the issue as
soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

David Jacobson