Jacobson Flare App for iPad Cleared for Take-off – 18 July 2014

Jacobson Flare App for iPad Cleared for Take-off – 18 July 2014

IMG_0254We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Jacobson Flare app for the iPad, on the App Store.

The results of this two-year project are reflected in the design and attention to detail – just two hallmarks of this stylish presentation.

The Jacobson Flare app for the iPad is more than the equivalent of a 350-page book; versatile and interactive, it totally replaces earlier and widely acclaimed presentations of the Jacobson Flare Paper, “Where to Flare” and its attendant files.

The price is AUD$29.99 (USD$23.99) making the Jacobson Flare app for the iPad accessible to younger student pilots, who have committed themselves to enough expense already in pursuing their dreams to fly. Indeed this app can save money, at any level of training.

Pilots and training organisations reduce the expense of flying extra hours, previously necessary while students get the ‘hang’ and the ‘feel’ of landing their first or their next airplane. Instead of using trial and error techniques devolved from World War One, pilots are introduced to a complete yet simple system of landing, to be applied not just at the elementary stage, but throughout a whole career.

The Jacobson Flare is comprehensive yet practical, simple to master and extremely effective. Since 1985, it has been adopted by hundreds of civil and military pilots of various ages, abilities and experience, in many airplane types ranging from sailplanes (gliders) and single-engine light airplanes to large jet transports.

The Jacobson Flare app for the iPad addresses obvious differences between airplanes but embraces their similarities. It supports the need for a basic system of flight training that may be adapted as necessary to meet specific requirements. Its universal application is long overdue and this app presents the Jacobson Flare clearly and concisely, as never before.

Captain David M Jacobson

David Jacobson