What’s it like to land a plane perfectly, EVERY time? Find out for just US$29.99 …11 June 2018

What’s it like to land a plane perfectly, EVERY time? Find out for just US$29.99 …11 June 2018

Think about it. How would it be NOT spending excessive hours and a small fortune to go solo? Find out, for just US$ 29.99.

Many student pilots are disheartened by the excessive time it takes them to master the approach and landing and get to their first solo. 30+ hours is just ridiculous. Conventional ‘wisdom’ still has it that learning how to land a plane “is a matter of judgment and there is no simple way of teaching judgment to those to whom it does not come easily. Proficiency is attained mainly through practice … ”

Many experienced pilots and flight instructors still subscribe to this ‘wisdom’, since even they cannot adequately describe exactly HOW they themselves land: “You just get the hang of it” is a common response – or ‘Stuffed if I know” – or “Close my eyes and hope for the best”. The problem is that most pilots have to get the hang of it over and over again, on each and every subsequent airplane conversion.

And student pilots suffer only because ‘It’s always been done it this way’. It’s been handed down, unchallenged, since 1918 or so, while everything else in aviation has progressed incredibly!

Well, none of this has been necessary since 1987, when the Jacobson Flare was first published and especially since 2014, when the Jacobson App for iPad was released.

In order to learn how to land a plane consistently well, a pilot must be able to understand and answer the following questions – and flight instructors should be able to explain and demonstrate them to their students, at any level of experience:

  1. Where to aim?
  2. How to aim?
  3. When to flare?
  4. How much to flare? And
  5. How fast to flare?

No training manuals or text books and few flight instructors can answer even one of these questions, let alone all five.

Without this precise and vital knowledge, the approach and landing manoeuvre remains elusive, inconsistent, expensive (in terms of training time, cost, wear/tear/damage to airplanes, pilot and instructor stress and runway occupancy times) and, most importantly, remains far too high in accident statistics. All because “We’ve always done it this way.”

So, how would it be NOT spending many hours and a small fortune to go solo, or complete that next airplane conversion?

Find out HOW to answer these 5 questions – and many more – for just $US 29.99

The Jacobson Flare App for iPad


David Jacobson