The Objectives

1. Enhanced Safety Through Increased Confidence

The principal objective of The Jacobson Flare App for iPad is to enhance flight safety. This is achieved for fixed-wing pilots at all levels of flying experience – from student pilot to seasoned professional – by offering a completely fresh presentation of the entire approach and landing flare manoeuvre, based on clear and simple facts. Pilot confidence is greatly enhanced, from the outset and forever.

2. A Greater Understanding of the Landing Flare Manoeuvre

The two most common comments, made to the author by experienced pilots are: “this is probably what we have all been trying to do for all of these years” and “it enables me, not only to troubleshoot a landing that didn’t work out, but also to explain how I just landed beautifully, this time.”

While the flare manoeuvre is quantified, a full understanding of the mathematics behind the simple and familiar principles of triangulation is not required.  Far from complicating the explanation of this vital sequence, the Jacobson Flare actually demystifies and simplifies the landing flare manoeuvre.

3. Consistent Precise Landings in Airplanes of Any Size

The material contained here is applicable to virtually any fixed-wing airplane, just as the principles of flight are applicable to all types. Apart from obvious differences between airplane types such as size, weight and inertia, speed, purpose and ‘feel’, the essential difference between them is simply that the numbers just get bigger. There is a common thread to all landings, after all – the pilot’s eye path.

For this compelling reason, the Jacobson Flare is directed towards all pilots (not just to student pilots – or licenced recreational pilots – or professional commercial and military pilots), who seek the personal satisfaction that is derived from performing consistent, precise landings.

The Jacobson Flare empowers these pilots with skills based on fact, not legend, to reach this level of proficiency more quickly and with much less effort than ever before – and then to maintain it (even if they fly irregularly) and then to apply it to their next airplane type conversion – and the next…

The principles of the approach and the landing flare, expanded in great detail, are common to all types (excepting naval carrier-borne and other airplanes that don’t flare). For this reason, examples used in the Jacobson Flare App for iPad include both light and heavy airplanes.