“We’ve always done it this way!” Why? (Continued)

“We’ve always done it this way!” Why? (Continued)

“We’ve always done it this way!” Why? (Continued)

In part 1 of ‘We’ve always done it this way, (7 June 2016), I noted that EVERYTHING in aviation has progressed over the last 100 years –  except training technique for the manual landing flare manoeuvre.

I am often asked why I thought it necessary to ‘bother’ with trying to turn the landing into a ‘science’, when most pilots have been indoctrinated to believe it to be an ‘art’.

For a start, I regard the landing as a SKILL, not a science. But to explore this a little more, I was drawn to looking at how the rest of the flight training syllabus has been taught, historically.

I am indebted to the School for Social Entrepreneurs Australia for the succinct ‘Change as a Learning Process’, referenced from their ‘INTRODUCTION TO ACTIVE LEARNING’ participant workbook (page 3, v.2.0 2015):

SSE_CaaLP 160731

Clear distinctions are drawn here, between head- and heart-based learning processes.

It is well understood that pilot training is generally based on head-based learning, however there is a ‘stand-out’ exception.

Since the earliest days of aviation, head-based or technically definable training processes have been applied to just about all flight training sequences, but not the landing manoeuvre.

TJF TLaaLP 160731

It is fascinating to note how the most precise manoeuvre that most pilots have to master, has been relegated to esoteric expressions such as, “about here”, about now”, and getting the ‘hang’ or the ’sight picture’ or the ‘feel’ of it.

That is why the Jacobson Flare was developed, in 1987. Without a technically factual explanation, pilots have had no hope of predictable, consistent and universally quantifiable landings. The proven and potential cost savings in training time and competency at all levels, wear and tear on pilot and machine and airport runway occupancy times are immense.

Isn’t it about time that the industry re-considered the statement, “We’ve always done it this way”?

IF you are seeking some fresh information on landing issues, different from the non-quantifiable and inconsistent results you may have experienced;

IF perhaps you’ve now realised by now that you were never actually taught HOW to land, but just WHAT to do, when landing;

IF you have always felt that there had to be a better way to teach, to understand and to learn HOW to land an airplane, WITHOUT having to ‘getting the hang of it’, on every successive airplane conversion: THEN …

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