App Store (Australia) Review – The Jacobson Flare App – Captain Gary Gould

A380 landings with The Jacobson Flare

App Store (Australia) Review – The Jacobson Flare App – Captain Gary Gould

Gary Gould Aust 140724


Congratulations on the publishing of your “Jacobson Flare” app. It is indeed a valuable addition to any pilot’s flight bag.

The app is, quite literally, a work of art in itself. But the most important part is the message it carries. For any pilot, and in particular student pilots, this app will prove to be a real gem. It is filled with methods of getting the final approach path and landing correct, then backing it up with those fabulous videos. From light aircraft at small country airfields to heavy jets at major airports.

It is something for all aviators.

I particularly enjoyed Chapter 6 “Reviewing and Troubleshooting” which allows the pilot to discover why a particular landing did not go quite as planned. The detail provided in the app is thorough, but at the same time an individual can go into this detail as far as they care to and still get the message.

Runway markings, visual aids, landing calculators for various types of aircraft – it is all there. Wonderful!

I recommend this app to any pilot who wants a greater understanding of the landing manoeuvre.

Kind Regards,

Gary Gould
Captain A380
Sydney NSW Australia


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