TJF App Short Review: Terry Boocock PPL

TJF App Short Review: Terry Boocock PPL

Some great feedback from experienced PPL Terry Boocock, to my brother, John Jacobson:

From: Terry Boocock [mail to: omitted]
Sent: Sunday, 27 July 2014 8:30 PM
To: John Jacobson
Subject: Re: Introducing officially: ‘THE JACOBSON FLARE’

Hello John,

I now have my copy – obtained from the App Store.

My first scan read opinion is – fabulous technical (yet simplified) detail combined with the tidiest app method I have come across.

David has an impressive product in this further extension of his mission to formalise the skill of consistent safe landings.


Terry Boocock
Melbourne VIC Australia


Wishing you many safe landings


Captain David M Jacobson FRAeS MAP


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