Chapter 1. Conventional Practice: Conventional Flare Practice Examined

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Our detailed analysis of the conventional flare now clearly reveals the critical deficiencies.

There hasn’t been much doubt in the minds of pilots about ‘what’ to do when flaring; however, the ‘where to aim’, ‘how to aim’ and ‘when’, ‘how much’ and ‘how fast’ to flare have never been adequately explained or universally defined.

Taking the guesswork out of the equation delivers impressively consistent touch-down point accuracy and quality. The Jacobson Flare is easily applied to successive airplane conversions, without the need to wait for the necessary judgment, previously required, to materialise at some indeterminate time.

Now ALL pilots can do much better than relying on guesswork and repetition – the landing flare assumes a new form as a skill rather than an ‘art’, combining mathematical ‘reason’ to finally perfect the classic manoeuvre traditionally honed by practice and experience by generations of dedicated pilots. The difference is that there is now a sensible and quantifiable explanation which is predictable and repeatable, in any airplane, on any airfield.

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Chapter 1. Conventional Practice: The Actual Flight Path Angle
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