Comprehensive Reference Section: Runway Markings

About This App Section

The Jacobson Flare app for iPad includes a comprehensive aviation reference section.

Learn about the importance of the correct seating position. There is more in this than meets the eye.

Review international ICAO-A runway markings and their variants. Learn to view them as useful rulers to be used to our advantage – a better understanding improves touchdown precision and consistency.

Explained in detail: ILS, PAPI and T-VASIS approach slope indicator systems – their value and their limitations; step by step ‘real-world’ elevation and cockpit view diagrams provide an excellent training tool bonus.

Pilots with a thirst for the finer detail can explore flare cut-off geometry and the mathematical derivation of the formulas developed and used to quantify The Jacobson Flare. Other pilots need not be daunted – the calculation is a one-off, per type.

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Chapter 5. How to Flare: The 4-Second Flare
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Five Indispensable Calculators: ILS, PAPI and Flare Point