You’ll recover the cost in just one LESS circuit … 24 June 2018

You’ll recover the cost in just one LESS circuit … 24 June 2018

How many circuits has it cost you, so far, to try and get the ‘hang’ of learning how to land your plane? And how much money?

Typically, in my experience here in Australia, most student pilots solo in about 10-12 hours. However, a disturbing trend seems to have developed here and elsewhere – pilots are taking upwards of 30 hours to solo.

Frankly, this is ridiculous. 30 hours should have a pilot close to a restricted Private licence – (RPPL).

Landing accidents still bring me almost to tears – for most are totally avoidable – by offering better training in the most precise and most neglected subject in the flight training syllabus. The statistics on these  have not improved in the last 50 years.

Since 1985, I have proved that the problem is not that landings are difficult to master; the real reason is that conventional landing training methods, handed down blindly for over 100 years – yes, since WW1 – have always been inadequate, to say the least. This is because these methods rely on myths and legends that should, by now, have been made redundant. Everything else in aviation has been developed and improved, but not the ‘elephant in the room’. The landing is still treated by many as a sick joke.

In today’s traffic patterns, it is difficult to fly more than 6 touch-and-go circuits in an hour. At a typical cost of A$300.00/hour, that represents a cost of A$50.00 per circuit. That’s an expensive way of ‘getting the hang of it’, on just your first airplane – what about your conversions onto other airplanes?

By flying just one LESS circuit, you can invest in a lifetime of happy, safe landings in any airplane you may ever fly. From sailplanes to the A380.


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