You’ll recover the cost of this app in just ONE LESS-NEEDED CIRCUIT

You’ll recover the cost of this app in just ONE LESS-NEEDED CIRCUIT

You’ll recover the cost of this app in just ONE LESS-NEEDED circuit

If you are considering downloading the unassailable Jacobson Flare app, please just ask yourself : ‘How many circuits have I flown so far and how many more will I have to fly before I am competent and safe enough go solo?’ And then: ‘What about my next airplane … and the next?’ :  ‘Will I have the same problems, over and over again?’  :  (the answer, sadly, is yes)

We all know it’s frustrating when you are told, only : “it takes time to get the hang of this – quicker for some than others.” That’s the conventional ‘wisdom‘, passed on to student pilots, professional pilots and their instructors, since 1918 : and, since 1987 it’s no longer true, if ever it was.

There is another way to better landings, much sooner, than just wishin’, waitin’ and hopin’ for the judgment, perception and experience (none of which can be taught) to kick in, sometime soon. The key is in understanding a pre-defined pilot eye path, which may be applied to every fixed-wing airplane type you’ll ever fly.

You’re already paying $300+/hour to hire an airplane and an instructor : In today’s busy circuit patterns, you are probably averaging about 5 circuits an hour.

The Jacobson Flare can be taught and you’ll recover the cost of this app in just ONE LESS-NEEDED CIRCUIT.


Wishing you many safe landings


Captain David M Jacobson FRAeS MAP


Would you care to experience that unsurpassed sense of accomplishment, derived from executing consistently beautiful landings, more often?

For starters, Download the FREE Jacobson Flare LITE, our no fuss/no frills introduction. Here we demonstrate, step by step, the application of the Jacobson Flare on a typical grass airstrip at Porepunkah, YPOK.


We invite you to browse the consistently positive comments on our Testimonials page. Many pilots, of all levels of experience, have downloaded our Apps. Read about their own experiences with the Jacobson Flare technique and the App.

Then download the COMPLETE Jacobson Flare app – for iOS. You’re already possibly paying $300+/hour to hire an aeroplane: You’ll recover the cost of the app, in just ONE LESS-NEEDED CIRCUIT. Moreover, you’ll have an invaluable reference tool, throughout your entire life in aviation.

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