The Brand New Jacobson Flare Web Page Commissioned

The Jacobson Flare landing flare technique

The Brand New Jacobson Flare Web Page Commissioned

– Replacing the temporary one-page site present since 2012. See

Now that The Jacobson Flare app is nearing completion, it is time to showcase the new content and styling and provide greater background information to the hundreds of thousands of interested people who have visited the site since its original launch in 2008. The brand new Jacobson Flare Web Page is now commissioned.

We wish thank everyone for their understanding while this project has been under way, and we can assure you that the wait will have been worthwhile. The new, though incomplete app presentation is already undergoing serious field testing by practising professional and recreational pilots and the reviews and feedback, so far, are sensational. We have already implemented some great suggestions arising from this feedback.

The Jacobson Flare App for IPad presentation is all new. Every aspect has been re-researched, re-written and re-drawn. It has been expanded to the point where it is a comprehensive inter-active hi-tech reference for ALL pilots, professional or recreational, civil or military, at ALL levels of experience, flying any fixed-wing airplane.

As well as clear, comprehensive and simple illustrations with accompanying pop-up text in landscape mode, the new Jacobson Flare Treatise is also presented in portrait iPad orientation, in continuous text (with fewer illustrations). Clear Contents, Glossary and How to Use sections are, of course, included. Main sections show in great detail How to Aim, When to Flare and How to Flare. These are the sections that have been relegated, traditionally, to deafening silence. Not any more! Finessing and Cross-wind landings are addressed.

New HD video clips of visual approaches and landings in small and large airplanes have been included, which clearly and unequivocally illustrate the universal application of The Jacobson Flare.

A comprehensive Reference Section delves deeper into runway markings, the approach path indicator systems, such as ILS, PAPI and T-VASIS, seating positions and final approach geometry. Derivation of the relevant formulae is also provided.

Finally, five fully-functioning in-app calculators have been designed as serious and practical tools for determining the position of the flare cut-off point (flare fix) for light and for heavy airplanes and to enable pilots to accurately compare their nominated and desired visual aim point with the aim point defined by ILS, PAPI and T-VASIS systems. These latter three calculators convert a vertical TCH or MEHT to a longitudinal position on the runway and, critically, they reflect the effect of the runway slope.

The Jacobson Flare App for iPad is expected to be released on the iTunes App Store by early 2014. Pricing will be easily affordable. In the meantime we sincerely trust that you will enjoy exploring our new Web Page!

David Jacobson and Jamie Durrant (App and Web Designer – Essentials Magazine and Multimedia)


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