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How to land a Plane with the Jacobson Flare
The Jacobson Flare LITE - How to land a plane explained.

HOW to land a plane: The FREE Jacobson Flare LITE (PDF)

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HOW to land a plane:

This downloadable, no-frills PDF presentation presents the practical application of the Jacobson Flare onto a grass-surfaced country airstrip in NE Victoria, Australia. It’s based on the C172 video included in the Jacobson Flare App; and there’s no need to worry – you’ll NOT need any kind of degree in STEM*!

* Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

The Jacobson Flare ESSENTIAL App:

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HOW to land a plane. Precisely.

The Jacobson Flare in  just 3 Sentences:

1. The Jacobson Flare’s logical, visual ‘framework’ guides pilots to a perfect touchdown in the right place, every time. 

2. Pilots are presented with a type-specific, fully-defined visual eye path, making the landing safe, sure, consistent and universal.

3. The myths that the ‘look‘, ‘feel‘, ‘judgment’ and ‘trial-and-error‘ are essential to master the landing are dispelled forever .



The Jacobson Flare explains landings as never before.

Moreover, the Jacobson Flare self-compensates for many variables that distract pilots away from the 5 essential elements of all landings:

Where to aim; How to aim; When to flare; How much to flare; and How fast to flare.

Flown initially at a constant angle, the eye path translates naturally to a classic exponential flare curve. Generations of frustrated pilots have attempted to execute this by judgment alone. The flare is initiated from a visual fix, derived from the cockpit lower visual cut-off angle and the flight path angle.

This offers a precise and visible model for both student and instructor.

The improvement in confidence, competence and progress of pilots – at all levels – is not only breathtaking: It’s consistent and it’s measurable.

It’s also Safe. Sure. Consistent. Affordable. Quantifiable. Universal. Unassailable.

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How to land a plane: Preview the Benefits

Experience that unsurpassed sense of satisfaction, derived from the accomplishment of executing consistently beautiful landings, more often. Download the complete Jacobson Flare ESSENTIAL App – for iOS. You’re already possibly paying $300+/hour to hire an airplane: You’ll recover the cost of the app, in just ONE LESS-NEEDED CIRCUIT.


absolute. fundamental. ultimately indispensable. 

The Ultimate Landing Reference

We researched the most neglected subject in the entire flight training syllabus; then, over 35 years, proved a universal quantifiable and logical explanation and answered your every question.

Bespoke iOS

This beautiful app is designed to complement the elegant simplicity of the Jacobson Flare. We demonstrate this universal technique, applied to the C172, through the B737 and B777, to the mighty A380.

5 Unique Calculators

As well as one-off flare calculations, convert TCHs and MEHTs to critically compare the aim points of ILS, PAPI and T-VASIS glide slopes with the correct visual aim point for your aircraft: They do not necessarily agree with each other.

The 4 Second Flare Explained

The in-app slides reveal real-time 1-second runway distance increments, defining the entire flare manoeuvre from the flare point through to a predictable touchdown of consistent quality – in the right place.

Fully illustrated & e-book modes

The full presentation, including 6 video clips, 5 calculators and more – now ALL in Landscape – cross-references the full explanatory text of the Jacobson Flare Treatise, for short-term browsing or continuous reading.

Comprehensive Reference Section

Refer to design eye point seating positions, runway markings, approach paths and their navigation aids, formulae derivations, the 5 unique calculators and more, assembled as never before.


how to land a plane. content examples 


a long-term landing reference for every pilot 

How to land a plane

The Jacobson Flare ESSENTIAL App for iOS explains the geometric structure that defines the eye path. This underpins the pilot skills necessary to ensure consistently smoother landings. With intuitive navigation, comprehensive instruction and a visually engaging format, the app is an essential reference tool.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a student, recreational pilot, professional civil pilot, military pilot or an aviation enthusiast: Once you’ve learned this universal landing technique, you can apply the principles from one airport to another, day or night. Furthermore, it can help explain what you’ve been trying to do, all these years.

Simplify your next larger (or smaller) airplane endorsement, by varying only the locations of the aim point and flare point.

Hear David Discuss

how to make better landings  

Box Hill Institute Video Presentation

Box Hill Institute, Melbourne Australia Video Presentation Watch now on YouTube.

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The Finer Points Aviation Podcast

The Finer Points Aviation Podcast presented by Jason Miller. ‘What if the World was Round?’ – The Jacobson Flare

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Download the Jacobson Flare ESSENTIAL App for iOS devices now.

Would you care to experience that unsurpassed sense of accomplishment, derived from executing consistently beautiful landings, more often?

For starters, Download the FREE Jacobson Flare LITE pdf , our no fuss/no frills introduction. Here we demonstrate, step by step, the application of the Jacobson Flare on a typical grass airstrip at Porepunkah, YPOK.


We invite you to browse the consistently positive comments on our Testimonials page. Many pilots, of all levels of experience, have downloaded our Apps. Read about their own experiences with the Jacobson Flare technique and the App.

Then download the complete Jacobson Flare ESSENTIAL App – for iOS. You’re already possibly paying $300+/hour to hire an aeroplane: You’ll recover the cost of the app, in just ONE LESS-NEEDED CIRCUIT. Moreover, you’ll have an invaluable reference tool, throughout your entire life in aviation.

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